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Ranch Rudolf

What else is happening on race day?

Taps open at noon

Grill fires up at noon

Recovery zone with snow-cone’s

Music, awards, swimming and…

Jousting, yes jousting


X100 Has It All!

  • Hills, bridges, rivers
  • Single Track, lot’s of single track
  • Dirt Roads and 2 tracks
  • Rocks, Roots and Trees
  • Sand, Water & Mud
  • Cold Beer & Music!

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Favorite X100 race quotes…

“The X100 is like childbirth, after the pain goes away you realize that was awesome and have to do it again.”

“Harder than Leadville!”

“I’m not stopping at the intersection because getting hit by a car has to be better than how I feel right now.”

“You said it was hard, we just didn’t believe you.”

“I have to come back next year for another X100 sticker”

“It’s so cool in the woods, don’t you feel cool before you die?”

“That was the best, most fun challenging 50 I have ever done!”

“Super fun screaming 20 mile route, felt great after can wait to do it again”

“Ice soaked towels, a cold river to jump in and a sno-cone machine best post race I’ve ever been to”